Why you should never accept a counteroffer

You’ve spent a lot of time searching for a new position, applying for jobs and going to interviews to secure a better position than the one you’re in now. You finally have that new job offer you’ve been hoping for, written your resignation letter and told your boss the news. Then comes something you weren’t expecting: a counteroffer. What should you do? Read more

Sought after IT certifications

Sought-after IT certifications

There are many different IT certifications; and some may seem similar. The number one way to evaluate which one is right for you is to outline your current job duties and what future skills you think you will need in your career. Here is a list of the most common certifications companies are asking for in a candidate.

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How to recruit in an age of salary history bans

The salary history ban in some state and local governments has added yet another item to the list of questions you can’t ask in an interview. But it doesn’t have to cripple your recruiting efforts. Read more

26 entrepreneurs explain the best traits of an effective leader

Want to be an effective leader? Learn from our CEO, Doug Ross, and 25 other entrepreneurs, what it takes in this article from CBNation. This blog celebrates CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners and provides resources to help support people and organizations. Pay special attention to #7!

3 benefits employees crave (that don’t cost anything)

Determining which benefits to offer is something that can cause major headaches for employers. The balancing act between offering attractive benefits while also attempting to keep costs down requires employers to research and strategize to determine the optimum benefits package for your employees. In this highly competitive job market, the right benefits will attract the best talent. Read more