Reporting Your Time and Expenses

We use a web-based time tracking system called SpringAhead. Intuitive and easy to use, SpringAhead lets you enter and review your time from any web browser. You will also be able to see the current status of your time record and will be automatically notified via email if any changes need to be made prior to approval.

Log in to SpringAhead

Company name: synergis

User name: firstname.lastname

Password: welcome1

 Here are some quick notes on getting started:

  • By default, you will be shown your calendar. Click on the Submit link in the left-most column of any week to start entering time.
  • Once you have entered your time, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom to commit your changes.
  • Your time entries are not visible to be approved until you check the Submit button for each row or click the Submit All Time link near the bottom. This allows you to enter time daily yet not submit your hours for approval until the end of the pay period. Also note that the timecard rows are unlimited – you can enter as many rows for each day or project as you wish or compact the whole week on one row with a single description.
  • An email will be sent to your manager, notifying them when your time is submitted and ready for approval.
  • You can change your password at any time by clicking the Admin button in the navigation bar.
  • For security, do not forget to log out of the system when you are done entering your time by clicking the Logout button in the navigation bar.

If you need help using SpringAhead, simply click on the question mark icon on the right side of the navigation bar.

For further guidance:

For questions that aren’t answered within the guides, please contact Tiffaney McCutcheon at 770-346-7221 or Additionally, for any questions directly related to payroll and timekeeping, please contact the Accounting Department.


To ensure our records are current, please send your work email address to