Agile coach

Do you need an Agile Coach?

Agile coach

Deciding whether or not you need an Agile Coach for your project can be difficult. That’s why we made a decision tree to help make your choice easier. Check it out here.

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Scrum team

Do I really need an Agile Coach or Scrum Master?

scrum team

I’ve been with Synergis IT for around three years and recruiting for Project Management is my bread and butter. And I work with a lot of Agile and Scrum experts. The question I hear organizations asking is: Do I really need a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach? Read more

Video project call

8 steps to manage remote project teams

video project call

Working cross functionally is important to any project. But it can be complex to manage. And running a project remotely only adds to the complexity. Project Management expert, Randall Englund, has a proven process to help overcome these challenges. Check out the 8 steps to manage remote project teams.

Project meeting

7 skills to look for in a Project Manager

Project meeting

Being a Project Manager (PM) is a unique and demanding position. When recruiting for this position, the biggest challenge can sometimes be finding the right combination of experience and skills. Here are the top abilities we see hiring managers requesting in a Project Manager (in no particular order).

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A good project manager is hard to find


At the start of the new year, hiring tends to go up. And this year seems to be no different, especially when it comes to Project Management jobs.


According to LinkedIn, the hiring demand for Project Managers (PM) is very high in several major markets including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta. There are more, but we didn’t have enough space to list them all. Read more