A good project manager is hard to find


At the start of the new year, hiring tends to go up. And this year seems to be no different, especially when it comes to Project Management jobs.


According to LinkedIn, the hiring demand for Project Managers (PM) is very high in several major markets including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta. There are more, but we didn’t have enough space to list them all. Read more

IT vs. Creative Project Managers

IT vs. Creative Project Managers

Project Managers head the planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and finishing of projects. They are responsible for the budget, timeline, resources and team. But there are some clear differences between an IT project manager and a creative project manager. In this infographic, we explore those differences.

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manage projects

How to manage projects with remote teams

Manage projects

At Synergis, my colleagues and I are continuously learning about our industry and the skillsets we recruit candidates for. It is essential to the success of our efforts of matching talent with the right opportunities. That’s why the company sponsors and encourages us to attend seminars, webinars, conference, meetups, etc. when it fits in our wheelhouse. Read more

Trends in project management

project management

Project management is increasing in importance as companies recognize the risk of not using project management teams to bring their projects to fruition. Especially when those projects have multi-million dollar budgets. Learn more about the importance of this ever-growing field with our Trends in project management infographic.

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