Synergis Supports Design Transformation for an Insurance Industry Leader

Support needs change depending on the company and its industry, and the Synergis team is always eager to use its top talent to offer improvements. Most recently, Synergis has partnered with a top insurance performer, a brand that boasts over 90 million policies and accounts. Eager to remain modern and offer a seamless experience for its customers, they have partnered with Synergis for a design transformation. Leading the charge was a Synergis consultant, the design lead on the Design System Team.

A New Design for Products

In his role, our consultant is spearheading the organization’s most recent iteration of its internal design system. The new version is being built entirely from scratch, allowing for substantial improvements and seamless points of connection that will ultimately simplify the company’s systems while also improving their potential. As a design lead, our consultant is playing a careful role between design and development, training future designers and developers who will support the organization’s greater collection of systems.

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Prioritizing systematic thinking, our consultant is helping everyone to learn how to approach design systematically, allowing for greater consistency throughout the systems. As always, the Synergis ethos remains to educate and train rather than run the show, empowering the organization’s teams to support themselves for the entire lifecycle of the project and beyond.

Bringing Teams Together for a Thriving Technology-Driven Future

Sustainable momentum is the ultimate tone of the project. Through excitement, education, and empowerment, Synergis is working with this industry leader’s teams to take this project and future projects forward one step at a time. There is no denying the fact that technology is changing, and where companies fall is scattered to one side or the other. Synergis’ consultant believes that there is a sort of U-shape happening with technology and companies right now, where some companies are falling behind the modern-day standards for technology, while others are building the future from the ground up.

With this transformation, this industry leader will enter a more sophisticated future for its technology, bringing it forward as a leader in this area.

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Leveraging the Power of Cutting-Edge Design Tokens

A defining point within modern system design is the use of design tokens. While many companies have systems with robust, centralized design work, others are leveraging the power of design tokens to move things forward and create greater consistency within systems across the board. Synergis is working with the organization to utilize Figma tokens, a cutting-edge new approach that creates a strong point of connection between design and engineering for improved branding at every step.

The power of Figma tokens for design support comes down to simplicity. With existing systems, a simple query could result in several design variations, none of which are more correct than the other. Using the new approach, however, there is complete balance and one single answer to every question.

Our consultant believes the mark of a great system is its ability to find the right answer every time because it factors in the designs used for each component, whether it is a web page or a card. With this change, the current robust systems will also transform in size, replacing thousands of lines of duplicated code down to a few lines that can be utilized across components. These savings are measurable and significant for the company.

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Stephen Stringer

Regional Vice President-Enterprise Solutions, East

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