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Professional Services

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Our Professional Services is managed by a dedicated senior consulting team. Synergis provides the subject matter expertise, talent and methodology to solve your business challenge in collaboration with you. 

We partner with you to outline the nature of our engagement, including the work to be performed, minimum standards to meet, milestones, specific timeline for completion and set dollar amount.

The benefits of choosing Professional Services:

  • Synergis does the work on your behalf with a maximum spend for the project, it takes budgetary guesswork out of the equation. 
  • Effectively control your labor costs by not overspending.
  • Your department managers can focus on delivering projects and meeting goals instead of sourcing, scheduling and conducting interviews. 
  • Classify your workforce correctly to effectively manage your costs and avoid any legal implications of misclassified labor.

The ultimate goal is to be a reliable, cost effective and cohesive partner that has a direct positive impact on your business.

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