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Are you really ready to hire?

Have you ever bought a shiny new car (dress, watch, phone, etc.) and regretted it almost immediately? You’re not alone. It’s only human to have this innate FOMO (fear of missing out) and jump into things before you’re ready.   The same can be true when hiring for...
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8 ways to market yourself on LinkedIn

Looking for a new opportunity can be both exciting and daunting. But with today’s online technology, your next job may not be as far as you think.   As a recruiter, I spend a great deal of time searching for talent on LinkedIn, the world’s largest networking platform....
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WIT Forum inspires professional development with purpose

As a young female, who’s figuring out how to make her mark in the business world, the April Women in Technology (WIT) Forum was an encouraging and enriching event to attend. These events are designed to provide a unique opportunity for technology professionals in Atlanta at all levels...
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Manage an efficient hiring process in the hottest market in decades

Last week, a colleague of mine in our Atlanta office had a candidate going on their seventh interview – yes, I said seventh – for a contract position. That’s just too many, especially in this competitive job market where you need to act fast.   In this scenario,...
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The challenge (and potential solution) to attract top talent

Good businesses depend on good people. Leaders across all business sectors know the importance of hiring top talent; but as the world continues to change, so do the requirements for companies to attract this talent. These changes are especially notable in the technology field. So, what matters most...
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Let’s get connected: the power of networking

I am a firm believer in the power of networking, for yourself and the community around you. Every significant role in the progression of my career has been through networking. Even changes in my husband’s career point directly back to one person who gave a personal referral. We...
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Drive competitive advantage with Total Experience

Two years after the start of the pandemic, our world has changed tremendously. This includes the way we think about work. What was important to the average worker 5-7 years ago isn’t as important now. People have re-evaluated their life and changed priorities.   Before the pandemic, Americans...
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6 technologies inspired by the Deaf

I work with technology professionals every day. While I can't code or configure, I use technology every day, just like most people. One thing I didn't consider about the technology I enjoy, like texting, is why the technology was created in the first place. Technology is a tool...
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Employee retention: support the whole person, not just the worker

It’s safe to say that all organizations want to be successful. And for that to happen, they must be successful in attracting and retaining the best talent. But retaining employees can be hard, especially when it comes to the challenges of mental health & awareness. (more…)
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