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Staff Augmentation

When you just can’t do it all

Your business ebbs and flows, and your demand for hiring will too. That’s why from time to time, you may need to augment your staff with skilled resources to cover necessary positions on your team on a temporary or permanent basis.

That’s where we can help.  

Filling in the gaps

If you’re looking for temporary workers – or, as Synergis calls them, Consultants – we assume the burden of engaging qualified talent for you. During a busy season or to fill a temporary gap, contract workers can be the perfect fit. Not only is this a convenient, flexible, cost-effective approach to managing your team, but it also mitigates employment risk through our contractor validation process against the IRS criteria.

Try before you buy

In essence, a contract-to-hire model provides an extended working interview. If the individual is not the right fit, you didn’t invest the valuable resources and hiring costs associated with in-house recruiting. If the consultant does work out, Synergis will work with you to convert the consultant to a regular full-time employee after an agreed upon contract period has been fulfilled.

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