How video interviews can speed up hiring

A large portion of the hiring process is interviewing potential candidates. And if you’re like most hiring managers, you simply don’t have time to go through week after week of vetting candidates. That’s why Synergis recommends and works with clients to speed up the process through video interviewing.

This approach is especially important during this time when most people are working remotely. The shift to working from home shows no signs of changing back in the long term either. A new Gartner survey found that 74% of CFOs have already reported their intentions to make it permanent.

If that theory becomes reality, video interviewing will quickly become a necessity, not just a fad. And hiring managers will have to adjust. But making the process faster is only one of the challenges that video interviewing solves. These include:

Interviewing challenges

  • Too many hours spent reviewing and interviewing candidates with very little success finding a hire.
  • Unorganized approach to reviewing candidates in a large team of managers that have similar hiring needs.
  • A lengthy decision-making process leads to missing out on the best talent.

Vetting solutions

  • Using a list of pre-set questions enables teams to skip first-round interviews.
  • Leverage technology to keep the process organized and to share and collaborate amongst your team of hiring managers.
  • Quicker decisions allow for a more competitive offer to lock down the best talent.

These are some basic tenants of video interviewing for both hiring managers and candidates. Contact us for more tips and tricks to take advantage of video technology for your hiring needs.


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