10 holiday gifts under $100 (technically speaking)

The holidays are approaching and with that comes gift shopping. For many of us, shopping for others can be difficult, especially if some individuals are not as vocal about their wants. Fortunately, we compiled a helpful gift list for you, technically speaking.

Whether you are a tech lover or know someone who is, these 10 affordable tech gifts are a great start. Keep in mind that the prices are of the time of publishing, so some items may change costs over time. Without further ado, here are the top 10 picks under $100.

1. Kasa Smart Plug

Whether you’re new to the smart home lifestyle or experienced, the Kasa Smart Plug is one of the easiest devices to start with. Simply plug them into outlets around your home and connect lights, coffee makers, fans and much more into it. With voice control, scheduling and much more, you can control your electronics with ease. This great deal comes in a two-pack and costs only $12.69 on Amazon.

2. Anker Wireless Charger

Wherever we work daily, our phones are always nearby. What better way to stay notified AND keep your phone charged than with the Anker Wireless charger? This phone stand makes it easy to prop up your phone anywhere you need while wirelessly charging it at the same time. Best of all? It costs only $19.49 on Amazon.

3. BOREAD Multi Ports USB Charging Station

It’s safe to say we all have a lot of technology. Too often, we find ourselves looking for chargers or simply waiting to use one. But with the BOREAD Multi Ports USB Charging Station, you don’t have to wait at all. With 5 available charging ports and a cubby to store each one of your gadgets, this station is perfect for the tech-savvy in your life. At only $29.95 on Amazon, you can’t pass this one up.

4. Bedside Smartphone Vase

Keeping with the theme of charging, how about a charger for the minimalist in your life? This Bedside Smartphone Vase hides all the cords by serving as a 2-in-1 docking station. Best of all, it doubles as a vase to brighten up your space. Priced at $32.00 on Uncommon Goods, it’s worth looking at.

5. Razer Seiren Mini

Know someone that records frequently? Whether it’s a podcast or a YouTube video, this microphone is a steal. The Razer Seiren Mini is relatively small in size and comes with USB capability. With microphones coming in at a wide range of prices, this one is extremely affordable for what you get.  Don’t miss this $34.99 deal on Amazon.

6. UV Sanitizer Box

We’ve all heard how gross our smartphones can get over time. But how often do we clean them? Fortunately, we’re in luck with this UV Sanitizer Box. Simply put the phone in and wait three minutes, then voila, clean again. As a bonus, it disinfects just about anything, including your keys, wallet, and more. Priced at $39.99 on Amazon, it’s a relatively inexpensive gift that solves a common problem.

7. Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

There are phone mounts and then there are good phone mounts. This, if you can’t tell, is a good one. Not only does it offer magnetic capability, but utilizes facial recognition to always keep the phone facing you. Practical for video recording, calls and much more, this mount has it all. Priced at $64.99 on Belkin, this is a must-have for any tech geek or anyone who works from home frequently.

8. HidrateSpark PRO

Ever heard of a smart water bottle? Now you have. The HidrateSpark PRO utilizes your smartphone and Bluetooth technology to stay one step ahead of your hydration. When it’s time to drink water, it lights up. And it keeps real-time updates through their smartphone app. This smart way to stay hydrated costs $69.99 through Hidrate Spark.

9. Amazon Eero Mesh WiFi Router

Tired of your current router not covering your whole space? Well, Amazon has the answer with their Eero Mesh WiFi Router. This router not only has smart capabilities but covers over 1,500 sq. ft. of space. And, if you have Alexa in your home, this works in sync with it. Priced at $79.00 on Amazon, this is a must-have for your home.

10. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

You may be thinking to yourself, “did they put something on here that’s a penny less than $100?” The answer to that is, yes. And it’s not just any product, rather Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones. With over 40 hours of battery life and an integrated microphone for calls, these are no joke. And with the crystal clear quality that Beats are known to have, this is a steal. Better grab them while they’re hot as they run for $99.99 on Amazon.

Whatever gift you think is best, this list is a great start. Offering a diverse range of prices along the way, this list is sure to get anyone on your list something practical. And, technically speaking, the geek in your life.

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