10 unique gift ideas for creatives


Do you have a creative in your life? Let us help you choose the perfect gift for the holidays with our list of 10 unique gift ideas. Enjoy!

    1. Letter board – Creatives usually have a lot to say. So, what better way than to let them express themselves through a letter board display.
    2. 3D Pen – With a 3D pen, you can create unique art straight from your imagination into the air.
    3. LCD writing tablet – Write and doodle on a screen that will hold the image indefinitely until you press the erase button. This is a great way to express your creative ideas in a paperless way!
    4. Smart Reusable Notebook – Another way to save trees is with this reusable notebook. You can use it endlessly by just wiping it clean. And the best part is that it saves your handwritten notes to the cloud of your choice.
    5. Loops: Building Products with Clarity & Confidence – This practical guide to getting products out of your mind and into the real world is written by a seasoned product strategist and experienced designer in Atlanta.
    6. Leather charger roll-up – Creatives are always on-the-go. So, they need to take all their cords and tech accessories with them. This is the perfect stylish way to do so.
    7. Bamboo laptop stand – This stand is good-looking and earth-friendly. Its minimalist design allows for function without taking up tons of desk space.
    8. Build-on Brick Mug – This unique coffee mug makes a perfect gift for creatives who like to build. It comes with a bag of bricks that you can build with on the mug over and over again. The possibilities are endless!
    9. Water proof note pad – Because sometimes, your best ideas come to you in the shower! The note pad comes with a suction cup holder to hang in your shower to capture your ideas before they’re forgotten.
    10. Wireframe deck – This deck of cards has common website and UI elements on both sides to quickly brainstorm your content strategy and layouts before you get to the computer.

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