5 tips to ace your video interview

Video interview technology continues to progress. So, it only makes sense that the interview process keeps up. More and more organizations are beginning to utilize video conferencing tools to conduct interviews.


This shift from traditional face-to-face interviews alleviates many worries for job seekers, such as traffic, flat tires or getting lost trying to find the company’s building. Using video interviews also benefits organizations because it enables them to cut costs that may occur from paying for transportation and lodging for out-of-town candidates.


While interviewing in front of your own computer may not be as stressful as an in-person interview, most regular interview tips and etiquette still apply. Outlined below are 4 tips to follow to make sure your video interview is a success.


1. Location, Location, Location

Make sure you’re set up somewhere with an appropriate background. Be sure you position yourself in a quiet area with no background distractions around. Also, keep in mind that most of the time the camera built into your computer doesn’t produce the best picture quality. Make sure you’re in an area that is filled with plenty of light or risk your face being lost in the shadows.


2. Dress Appropriately

You may not be in the same room as the interviewer, but you still need to look your best. Make sure you still wear your normal interview attire (your FULL interview attire.) The one time you decide to wear a professional top and pajama bottoms can be the one time you accidentally drop your computer and royally embarrass yourself. Additionally, getting fully dressed may also help you get into a professional mindset and convey more confidence in the interview.


3. Phone a Friend

You’ll always want to run through a test call with someone to ensure your lighting is sufficient and connections are running smoothly. You may look and sound different to the other person than you do in the preview window at the bottom of the screen. Have a friend get on the other line with you and let you know how you look and sound, while also making sure your connection is good and the picture isn’t too choppy. To ensure the best connection, connect directly to your wired internet line if possible. Although almost everyone is wireless these days, a wired connection is the safer bet. You also may want to run through a quick “mock” interview to get some extra practice and become more comfortable talking to someone through a computer screen instead of in person.


4. Make Eye Contact

Even though you may not be in the same room as the interviewer, you still want to convey your interest and engagement to the interviewer. Although it may take some getting used to, you should try your best to look into the camera whenever possible. It may seem a bit awkward, but to the interviewer, it will appear as if you are looking directly at them.


5. Be yourself

Relax and be yourself. Just because you’re in front of a camera doesn’t mean you have to “act” through the interview. And, don’t be too critical of your video interviewing skills. Being on camera can feel awkward and uncomfortable, but don’t let that tank your ability to speak confidently about your job skills.


Video interviews are quickly becoming a go-to interview method for organizations to make the process more efficient. Make sure you’re prepared for yours.


About the author
Madison Jinks is a Creative Recruiter for Synergis. She connects candidates with their next dream job in the creative space. She specifically focuses on recruiting for UX/UI, social media & marketing jobs. To stay on top of industry trends, she frequently participates in networking events around the metro-Atlanta area. Madison graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. In her free time, she likes playing with her dog, Prancer.

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