7 supplies to put on your virtual back-to-school list

Many kids are getting ready to go back to school, but in a virtual or remote learning setting instead of in-person. That puts added pressure on the parents working from home who are also trying to be part-time teachers. And probably has made the school supply needs a bit different this year.

Perhaps, having some of these supplies, geared toward learning remotely, will come in handy and lessen the stress for everyone.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones with mic. These are particularly important if you have a full house at home or live with multiple roommates. They’re a sanity saver, really. And a good investment in your ability to have multiple people on Zoom calls at the same time.
  2. A device they/you don’t have to share. If you’re not ready to buy a brand new (and usually expensive) traditional laptop computer, a Chromebook can provide an affordable option, especially for just doing schoolwork.
  3. Blue-light-blocking glasses. All that screen time can be hard on your eyes. But this type of glasses can help. And they make them kid-sized too.
  4. A comfortable chair. While most of your time is being spent at home, why not be comfortable while working/doing schoolwork? Don’t rely on an extra folding chair, or overturned laundry basket, buy a cushiony chair with good back support instead. And the kids need one too!
  5. A timer. Kids, and adults, thrive on routines. So, while working from home with distractions like dishes piling up in the sink, your spouse, your neighbor’s lawnmower, etc., it’s important to set a schedule and stick to it. It’ll help you attempt a sense of normalcy in this abnormal world we live in now.
  6. A weekly planner. Yes, an old-school, pen and paper way to track your weekly schedule. Technology and online calendars are great, but what happens when it fails, your laptop battery dies or your Wi-fi signal is weak? Better safe than sorry.
  7. A whiteboard. A highly visible whiteboard can work wonders to keep kids on task (and even some adults). Use it to track assignments, chores and other activities.


BONUS ITEM: A new outfit. When you look your best, you feel your best. And for many kids starting school, waiting for the bus with their new backpack and lunchbox in their first-day-of-school outfit is not going to happen this year. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still have that new outfit. After all, they will most likely be on camera and should be looking their best!

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