Assessing good qualifiers of talent in the hiring process

You’ve gotten a stack of resumes for your job opening, but aren’t sure what to do with them? How do you find the best people in the stack to interview? Once you interview them, what’s the best way to narrow them down? Will you hire the right person?


Whether you are a seasoned hiring manager or new to the field, it can be a nerve-wracking process. Our recruiters are some of the best in the industry, and here is how to assess good qualifiers of talent to have a successful fit for the position. Here are some of their tips:


Begin with a Resume Assessment:


  • Check for job stability: Are there gaps in employment? Do they have a lot of short-term roles?
  • What size company are they used to working for? Is it the same size as yours? If not, will they be prepared for that environment?
  • Look at their resume to see if their career is progressing. Are they moving companies and positions because of promotions or for other reasons?
  • Check for punctuation and grammar issues on their resume. Are they taking the time to double-check their work, and can they communicate clearly?



During the Interview:


  • Keep a few of the questions open-ended, particularly ones about their experience. This will give you a good indicator of the candidate’s communication style and abilities.
  • Is their experience relevant to the role you are hiring for?
  • Ask them about their accomplishments. Which ones are they most proud of?
  • When asking about team projects, ask them, particularly about the specific roles they played in the project versus what the entire team did.
  • Ask them about their career goals. This will tell you a lot about their motivation and desires to grow in your organization.


Still nervous about interviewing? Our Account Executives and Recruiters are always happy to help coach our clients through the process. Contact us today for any needs you have in staffing!

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