Debunking the myths about working with a recruiter

I recently came across this article in Forbes that struck a nerve. Now, I view Forbes as a trusted news source and reference it all the time. They have great articles about job searching and the job market. But with this one about working with a recruiter, they definitely got it wrong.

The article says one of the two worst ways to find a job is…through recruiters. Um, what?! We put people to work every day in good jobs across the country. And our recruiting team is awesome at what they do.

But, we’re also not your typical staffing firm. Recruiting gets a bad name because of many popular misconceptions – especially from candidates’ less-than-stellar interactions with other staffing firms.

So, I’m here to set the record straight about these recruiter myths. And tell you how it really is, at least at Synergis.

Myth #1: Recruiters spam multiple people at one company for the same job.

This does happen, but Synergis approaches candidate reach-out differently than our competitors. Our recruiters don’t spam anybody. They don’t need to. A large portion of our candidates come from referrals because we build strong relationships with our clients and candidates.

When they do need to hunt for candidates, our recruiters carefully review the profile of each possible candidate to make sure they’re a fit BEFORE even reaching out. The person under consideration must be well qualified and match certain standards within our job description before we message them on LinkedIn.

And as far as the “multiple people at one company for the same job” part goes, it’s very unlikely that an entire team at a company would have the exact same skillset that we’re looking for. If a job-seeker has experienced this type of recruiting, then they’re just working with the wrong recruiters.

Myth #2: Generally, recruiting is a volume game.

This may be true in the retained recruiter game where the client is charged an up-front fee to conduct a search. But, we don’t do that. We stick to purely contingent work where we only get paid only if we place a candidate.

In many cases, recruiters only have one to three submission spots, so it’s crucial to make sure we’re sending the client the ‘cream of the crop.’ Why waste a spot on a so-so candidate? Even if we have unlimited submissions, we only send clients the best talent available. Our clients have come to expect that level of talent from us.

Myth #3: Their goal is to fill the role, not make you happy.

To us, this business is all about people, building relationships and placing candidates in roles where everyone is happy. Like many staffing companies, our recruiters work to build great relationships with candidates, which shapes powerful networks to connect talented individuals with great opportunities. Tiffanie Dagneau, Senior Account Manager, recently said, “People do business with people they trust. Period. That being said, I work relentlessly to gain that trust, but also to maintain that trust through consistent action and execution.”

And it shows in our client and talent satisfaction numbers. Synergis won the Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards 2020 for providing superior service to clients and consultants for the sixth year in a row. Less than two percent (yes, you read that right) of all staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada earn this award, which is based solely on client and consultant surveys. So, we must be doing something right.

Myth #4: They’ll send you on any interview where the role is a fit for your experience.

We firmly believe that, even if we don’t have an opportunity for you right away, it is beneficial to continue developing our relationship until the right fit comes along. We don’t just submit you for whatever roles we have available at the time. We will never send you on an interview that doesn’t match your skill set and your career goals. Doing so isn’t beneficial to anyone. All parties involved would be upset, and rightly so. It’s a waste of time. And we value our relationships too much to risk ruining them.

Myth #5: Recruiters will just push you toward lateral moves where you’re a clear match.

Lateral moves are always possible when you switch jobs, but it isn’t something we advocate for candidates to do. We present opportunities that we feel could be a good match, but the candidate ultimately makes the final decision. We don’t push them into anything they don’t feel comfortable with. Our recruiters work to understand your career goals to ensure we’re helping, not hindering, your progress.

Sometimes, a “lateral” move level-wise, can offer a ton of other perks that ultimately make it a better fit for the candidate’s situation. It can mean higher compensation and/or perks – flexibility, better commute, remote work, tuition reimbursement, robust training program, etc. – that make it worth it. Every company is different and, depending on where you end up, could mean upward mobility.

Summing it up

When you’re searching for a new job, working with a skilled recruiter can make a big difference. If you’re a candidate looking for a new position, check out our job board. And if you’re a business looking to partner with a staffing firm, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!


About the author
Brooke Hathaway serves as marketing communications manager for Synergis and has 17+ years of experience in marketing. In this role, she is responsible for content creation, marketing automation, social media, public relations, website content and event management. Brooke earned a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys running, listening to true crime podcasts, watching her kids play sports and spending time with family.

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