December graduate tips

You decided to stay for that one last class, or just that one last season of College Football tickets this fall semester. However, the time has come to say “Goodbye” to your college days, and onto the “Real World”. As you begin to pack up those textbooks, our experts put together some of their suggestions for the start of this new season.


Start by utilizing your university’s resources

Most offer some sort of career services, career fairs, resume and cover letter workshops, mock interviews, and more. Use these free sources to have your resume critiqued and cover letter honed before you start sending them out.


Get connected with university alumni

Most universities have some sort of Alumni association. Many of these alumni are older and in the marketplace. Become a member, attend events, and network. Many of these events will be professional events with topics in different industries, and others might be social events, such as getting together to cheer on your favorite college team.


Network, network, network

For those friends that have been out since May, start by reaching out to them, and seeing if their companies or organizations have any openings. They may also be able to recommend other companies that they may have interviewed with when they were on the hunt. Attend networking events in your industry, and make friends with others there. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people, and ask them questions about what they do.


Add a new social media account

No, we don’t mean start a new Instagram account without the party pictures (though we don’t recommend posting those publicly while on the job hunt). Create or update your LinkedIn account, and start connecting with anyone you have done internships for, met or have a second or third-degree connection with. Many organizations will post job opportunities on LinkedIn, and you can automatically see who you may know there, or who has a connection to someone there. Use that to introduce yourself to someone in the company through messaging on LinkedIn.


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