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Two years after the start of the pandemic, our world has changed tremendously. This includes the way we think about work. What was important to the average worker 5-7 years ago isn’t as important now. People have re-evaluated their life and changed priorities.


Before the pandemic, Americans were already working longer hours than people in other developed countries. But now that we’re getting back to a somewhat “normal” world, we don’t want to go back to the old ways…of working, shopping, communicating, entertainment, etc. The list goes on and on.


Synergis changes with the times

As such, we have updated our brand and approach to workforce solutions with the evolving world of work. We are making a pointed effort to match our offering to our customers’ needs, which have also changed.


Our digital world has accelerated the need for businesses to build IT ecosystems that enable growth and innovation along with enhancing the Total Experience (TX) – user experience (UX), customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX). And now, Synergis is prepared to be your TX workforce solutions partner and help transform your workforce.


What is Total Experience?

Total Experience is based on the idea that user, customer and employee experience don’t operate in silos. Each has an impact on the other and can work to your benefit if managed correctly. More and more, companies are recognizing the advantages of embracing a TX strategy.


Gartner recently did a deep dive into TX as one of its strategic tech trends for 2022. They found that by 2024, organizations providing a TX will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX. And we’re here for it.


Total Experience at its best

We’ve all had those bad experiences with a retailer, restaurant, cable company, etc. But do you also take note of an exceptionally good experience? I do, and I’d like to share a few examples of where I’ve observed elements of TX in the real world.


Customer Experience at Nordstrom – The shopping experience at Nordstrom is the epitome of exceptional customer service. I, like many people who shop there, do so because of the great experience every single time.


A great example is a story about the man that came to Nordstrom to return four tires he bought (which they don’t sell). This 1975 story is legendary and still told to this day. Even though they don’t sell tires, Nordstrom allowed him to return the tires AND refunded his money, all in the name of providing an outstanding customer experience. The company has always stood by its policy of 100% customer satisfaction.


John Nordstrom himself said, “We are not committed to financial markets, we are not committed to real estate markets, we are not committed to a certain amount of profit. We are only committed to customer service. If we make a profit, that’s great. But customer service is first.” And it’s paid off for them. According to, compared to the industry average, Nordstrom earns double the sales per square foot of retail space.


User Experience at In-N-Out Burger – For those of you on the West Coast, you know that In-N-Out has somewhat of a cult following.  The burgers and fries are oftentimes debated but the experience is not. . The user experience – all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products – is the same in every single store you walk into. The menu is simple (even their fully customizable “secret” menu), every store has the same layout, and they offer great customer service. The food, which is what they’re known for because of its quality, is consistently good from restaurant to restaurant.


Combine all these aspects of their business and you can understand why it has a cult following and is wildly successful. An In-N-Out outsells a typical burger chain nearly twice over. In-N-Out’s profit margin is an estimated 20%, compared to the average for other chains that own their locations at 10.5%, according to a Forbes article.


Employee Experience at Salesforce – I am constantly reading about Salesforce being named a “Best Place to Work” by its employees.  In fact, 90% of employees at Salesforce say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company, according to Great Place to Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study. But why? What are they doing differently than other employers?


Much of it is their culture. Their CEO, Marc Benioff, sets the stage for the values he wants to see instilled in his company, and his leadership team exhibits those values as well. “Ohana,” a Hawaiian philosophy of what it means to be family, is deeply ingrained in the culture. Salesforce’s Ohana extends past employees to include partners, customers and members of the communities where they do business. Philanthropy is a vital part of the company and that attracts workers who want a job with purpose. In the end, Salesforce gets the best out of its employees by putting them first.


And a winning culture spells revenue for a company like Salesforce. For the fourth quarter of 2021, the company’s revenue of $7.33 Billion was up 26% Year-Over-Year. It all comes down to happy employees = happy customers.


How Synergis supports TX

Synergis is your TX workforce solutions partner. We help clients achieve transformational business outcomes by providing talent that drives your competitive advantage. It isn’t just a transactional relationship but a true business partnership.


How do we do that? Well, just like there’s more than one way to cook an egg, there’s more than one way to approach TX workforce solutions. We cater our solutions to each client individually. If you need a team of UX Designers, we can do that. If you need in-classroom learning materials converted to e-learning modules, we have a pipeline of candidates for that too.


With one of our clients, they were working on a large Learning & Development initiative. They partnered with us to leverage our Instructional Designers and Technical Writers to build out their learning curriculum. And because the client knows this can’t be done by just any training professional, they came to us. Our talented candidates have the knowledge to create curriculums for all different learning and experience levels, which is the goal of their program – tools and training for everyone.


What makes this situation different than your typical L&D placement is that we manage the relationship through our Professional Services offering. A dedicated senior consulting team from Synergis provides the subject matter expertise, talent and methodology to solve business challenges in collaboration with the client. We partner with them to outline the nature of our engagement, including the work to be performed, minimum standards to meet, milestones, specific timeline for completion and set budget.


The ultimate goal is to be a reliable, cost-effective and cohesive partner that has a direct positive impact on your business. Your success is our success.


Summing up TX

Whether you’re a large enterprise or small business just starting out, TX is a strategy important in today’s world. Creating the trifecta of TX treats the experience holistically and aims to better it for everyone who engages with your brand. One of the many ways to accomplish the ideal TX is to hire the best talent in the industry to deliver on your company’s promises. To us, it all starts there. Reach out if you need assistance with your TX hiring strategy.


About the author

As Vice President of the West region, Jon Barbato is responsible for strategic management and oversight of the region. He has 15+ years of experience in developing and expanding business within small, mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies along with a track record of success in creating profitable client relationships and building cohesive, high-performing teams. Prior to joining Synergis in August of 2021, Jon sold Workforce Solutions services to domestic and international clients as well as held Branch and Regional Leadership positions in the staffing industry. He graduated from the University of San Francisco with a bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two young daughters and all things sports.


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