How to assess culture in the job process

As the business environment continues to diversify, more and more people are having an issue with finding the right cultural fit in their hiring process. They might have a candidate that is used to an environment where they are very independent or have flexible hours, and their environment might require lots of team collaboration and need its team members to be in the office Monday through Friday. As a manager, how do you make sure you are asking the right questions to avoid a false start? As a candidate, how can you make sure this is the right environment for your career advancement?


Our experts weighed in, and suggest the following questions to consider for both groups:


Hiring Managers:

  • What was the office environment like at their last position?
  • What type of office environment or culture does the candidate work most effectively in?
  • What does the candidate do in his or her spare time?
  • What type of management style does the candidate thrive under?
  • What are some tasks or projects that the candidate did or did not enjoy in previous positions?




  • Describe the current office culture.
  • What are the expectations of the dress code?
  • What hours are you expected in the office? Is there any telecommute policy?
  • What are some training or other events that the team normally attends?
  • How long do people generally stay at the organization, or how long has your interviewer been at the organization?
  • What’s the size of the team?



Hopefully, after getting answers to all these questions, you will have a better assessment of the culture of the candidate or the organization! Looking for a new opportunity to try out your skills? Let us know! We’d love to help you find the next step in your career, or find the perfect position for your team!

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