How to get your resume noticed in 6 seconds or less

How long would you guess it takes for a recruiter to review your resume and decide if it’s a fit?


5….6 minutes?


Try 6 seconds, according to a research study by


In today’s competitive job market, that six-second review is more critical than ever. With the increase in boot camp trainings, specialized degree programs and advanced degrees, several job seekers have similar backgrounds. How you present yourself on your resume could be the difference between a callback or a declined application.


So how do you make yourself stand out? Here are a few tips from our team:


1. White space.

Make sure your resume doesn’t appear cluttered or difficult to digest. Use modern, simple fonts, bolded titles/headers and columns to organize information. If you’re a Designer, show your skills, but with simplistic design cues that don’t distract from your content.


2. Get in touch.

Clearly state your name and contact info at the top. Email address, phone number and LinkedIn profiles are great. No need to put your full address.


3. Clarity is key.

Avoid the fluff and use clear and concise language to outline your responsibilities and (quantifiable!) achievements. Keep content focused on the most recent and relevant experience.


4. SEO.

Make sure your resume is optimized with keywords relevant to your industry, experience and most importantly, the position you’re applying to. Your skills should be searchable and easy to scan with skills related to the type of position you’re targeting. And remove any outdated technologies, even though you want to show you know how to use them.


Resumes can be tricky to master, but the above tips can help you land the job of your dreams. Once you get your resume up to snuff, check out our open positions!

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