Learning to be thankful this holiday season

We have a lot to be thankful for. If you are reading this, it probably means you are inside a warm building or at least have access to one with not only electricity and heat but wifi. Many in our world do not. Why then is it so easy to become ungrateful so easily in our jobs and lives?


Part of the reason is our perspective. As a society, we tend to compare ourselves to others. We see what they have in possessions, status or even relationships, and compare it to what we either have or don’t have. We are constantly bombarded all day with advertisers telling us what we don’t have, and what we need to have the “perfect life.”


This holiday season, we challenge you to avoid this comparison and ungratefulness by focusing on what you do have. There is much to be grateful for even in a season of suffering or strife. There are always positive things to think about or be grateful for. Sometimes just focusing on those positive things can give us a better perspective, and even have more faith in ourselves.


If you are struggling with even doing this, we encourage you to find someone to talk to. Synergis and many other companies offer confidential benefits for those needing to talk with a professional about some negative thoughts they may be having. Tell a family member or a friend. Let anyone know that you may be struggling.


Realizing you need to make a change? Sometimes while being thankful can help our perspective temporarily, it can’t change a bad work environment. Make a change for the New Year! Check out our job openings!

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