Let’s meet Recruiting Manager, Mikayla Weiner


Mikayla Weiner

We want you to get to know the members of Team Synergis who help put people to work. So this month, we sat down with Mikayla Weiner, who works from our office in San Francisco as a Recruiting Manager.


Mikayla, first please tell our readers a little about yourself and your professional background.

Absolutely! I’m a Northern California native and went to the University of Arizona to pursue a degree in Business Management. Through several career fairs and internal hiring events, I learned that the staffing industry could be an awesome fit for someone like me, right out of college and looking to work in a fast- paced, people-focused environment. Four years later, and needless to say, I love what I do!


What attracted you to work in the staffing industry?

I’m an extremely people-oriented person and I thrive off of connecting with others. So, the idea of playing “match maker” to establish long-term relationships with candidates and match them with our client’s needs was extremely attractive to me.


What are your favorite aspects of working with candidates?

As I mentioned before, I love building relationships with my candidates and I really enjoy taking the time to learn exactly where their specialties lie. By doing this, I’ve been able to place the perfect candidates with our clients and I’ve given my candidates an opportunity to accelerate their careers and better provide for themselves and their families. Making that perfect placement and knowing you made an impact on someone’s life is what makes this job 100% worth it!


Do you have a particular candidate story that’s memorable that you’d like to share?

Oh gosh, so many! I work within our Learning & Development skillset and a lot of the candidates I work with are school teachers or college professors looking to branch out from the education space and into the world of corporate training, which can be a tricky transition. One woman I was helping during her transition went on eight different interviews with our clients and had not had her break quite yet. We worked on her resume, she took some software training to create a portfolio, did not give up, and was able to land a job at one of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley! The day she got the job she told me how much this meant to her and her family and I felt so honored to have worked with her throughout that journey.


What is the one piece of advice that you consistently give candidates?

It may sound corny, but never give up! Looking for a new job and being rejected can be a hit to the ego. But just remember, if a team chose not to move forward with you, it means that the opportunity was not a fit for both parties and you would be better off somewhere else. The right opportunity is out there but you have to be willing to have the patience and courage to keep your head up through the inevitable rejections and challenges that come with finding a new job.


On a lighter note, as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A professional dancer! The first 20 years of my life were spent in a dance studio. And, although my career path has gone in a completely different direction, I know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be!


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