Making the most of quieter office times in December

As the holidays are now upon us, business tends to slow a little, giving room for parties, helping out in the community, and other fun holiday festivities. If you are the sort of person who struggles with this slower period, here are some of our suggestions for making the most of the holiday season professionally:


  1. Get Your Final 2019 Budgets Together

It’s that time of the year when budgets are due for the next year coming! Utilize this time to map out a plan to do those projects budgeted for. Finalize all the budgets with your team, and hold brainstorming sessions to hear any new ideas you may have not thought of. This can also be a good time to make plans for cuts for the following year in some areas.


  1. Make Goals for the 2019 year

We all make some sort of personal goals for the new year in some fashion. It might be a new diet, getting up earlier to work out, or finally starting that one hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Why not make some goals for your job? This could be related to your tasks, such as meeting or exceeding sales goals by 5%. It could also be something such as bringing your lunch to work or being nicer to coworkers. Whatever you see a need for growth, set a new goal for the year.


  1. Organize your desk or office space

There’s something about the new year that makes people want to clean out the old and bring in the new. Go through your drawers at your desk, or that dreaded file cabinet, and see if there’s anything you can clean out. Look at your emails or your files on your computer; is there anything that needs to be deleted, or is there a better way to organize them?


  1. Take some online training

Business can sometimes slow down a little around the holidays. Utilize this time by finally completing that certification online course that’s been on your list. Ask your supervisor about utilizing a tool like LinkedIn Learning, and add to your skill set this month.


  1. Do some team-building with your co-workers

Coworkers often have more time to get together at lunch and over the water cooler. If you are a manager, this might be a good time to try a team-building activity like an escape room or just a fun afternoon outing at the bowling alley. If you aren’t a manager, you could simply ask your coworkers to go out to lunch together or to participate in something charitable like adopting a family for the holidays and shopping for items together.


Don’t let your December slip by, and let the slower days go by using only your social media and email to get you through!

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