Sr. Data Scientist


Our Sr. Data Scientist has 10+ years of experience executing data-driven solutions to resolve real-world problems.


  • Well-versed in problem abstraction, data processing, modeling, algorithm optimization and storytelling
  • Built a Chatbot on RASA flatform for NLU, conversation and knowledge providing Machine Learning - Intent spikes detection from via the Encoder-Decoder LSTM / 1D-CNN architectures
  • Machine learning - Spatial-temporal deep learning model, with the merged CNN and attentiveLSTM neural networks, considering the time-time, time-space, and space-space correlations, as well as the long, short and random periodicities, boosted the consumer electric grid outage predictions from 10% to 90%.

Technical Skills

  • R/python/C, C++/Java/SQL PySpark/Azure/AWS/GCP
  • Classification/clustering/regression/ensemble/reinforcement learning/featureselection/association/N
  • CNN/RNN/GAN/SOM/Boltzmannmachines/autoencoders/deepbelieve/Tesnorflow/Keras/PyTorch
  • Ggplot2/matplotlib/Java D3.jss/Tableau
  • Probability/statistics/real analysis/complex analysis/functional analysis/optimization methods/info

Education & Certifications

  • M.S: Numerical Methods
  • Zhengzhou University, Engineering
  • PhD: AI Physics Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • NCRE (IT certification): C/C++, Python, Data