Synergis: A Dedicated Ally for Mid-Market Companies

Throughout the last few years, Synergis has placed a high priority on elevating its clients in the mid-market through top-tier staffing solutions. These companies have plenty to gain from effective staffing, including access to top talent and long-term sustainable growth.  Every company has unique needs, and the Synergis team is happy to help companies of all sizes find the right path forward!

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A High-Integrity Culture for Clients of All Sizes

When joining the company in 2021, Steve Wright had over 3 decades in technical sales and over 15 years in staffing. For him, Synergis seemed like the obvious choice due to its high-integrity culture that prioritizes both companies and their candidates. It is this commitment to both sides of the staffing process that allows Synergis to support clients of all sizes with varying needs.

Synergis strives for the trifecta—a winning situation for the client, a winning situation for the candidate, and a winning situation for Synergis too. When all three of these align, there is a great placement with a highly positive outcome.

Building Relationships Through Direct Connections

Mid-market companies thrive when presented with a more holistic staffing approach. Companies at this level want to be supported through direct engagement, which is why Synergis has adapted to offer their clients a single point of contact. If a client needs assistance, they know exactly who to call for support.

Having a single individual who understands every client’s talent needs and company culture makes Synergis teams much more effective at finding the right fit. The company operates with a focus on respect and transparency, believing that it serves clients and candidates equally.

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Through its single-point-of-contact model, Synergis makes sure that every client has an expert who knows their needs inside and out. This allows them to make stronger connections and drive important discussions in real-time, improving the experience for all parties. These informed discussions empower Synergis relationship managers also known as our account executives to make the best career decisions on behalf of their clients and the candidates they onboard.

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The Unique Needs of Mid-Market Clients

Mid-market clients generally have one of three needs—contracted labor, contract-to-hire, or direct hires. To better support the evolving needs of their clients, Synergis takes unique approaches depending on the gaps that clients are trying to fill.

Contract labor hiring needs require a larger focus on the project timeline and technical requirements that will support the project from start to finish. Direct hiring, on the other hand, places more of a focus on being inclusive with the client and their Human Resources processes. Understanding these processes and prioritizing a great culture match allows Synergis to find an exceptional long-term fit.

While companies have plenty to gain from onboarding wonderful staff members, it is not lost on Synergis or its leaders how their services also impact candidates. A good match does not just mean a happy client—it also means a happy candidate who can look forward to working somewhere they love while being able to bring in good compensation too.

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When working with businesses of this size, Synergis prioritizes consulting and advising, empowering their clients to better understand the hiring market and how to effectively navigate it. Through education and connection, Synergis improves the processes of its clients while also becoming a part of them, integrating directly through a powerful partnership.

A Bright Future for Staffing Mid-Market Companies

Throughout the years, Synergis has built great relationships in key areas, allowing the team to create a powerful and effective pipeline in several top industries. Mid-market businesses have the ability to access the best and the brightest, all while knowing their preferences will be taken into consideration to ensure a good match at every step.

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Markets and industries change, but Synergis has proven that it is always ready to adapt to suit the needs of its clients. After a few promising years, Synergis’ Director of the Mid-Market for the Eastern Region is already looking forward to seeing what growth and positive outcomes will happen in the next ten years for Synergis and its clients.

Steve Wright

Director of Mid-Market, East

(770) 674-8698

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