Synergis Creative to sponsor UX Hustle Summit

UX Hustle

Here at Synergis Creative, we love partnering with events that we know will help you make the most of your UX career. This year, for the third year in a row, we are so excited to support the UX Hustle Summit! No matter where you are on your UX journey, whether you are just getting started or an industry vet looking for a promotion, this conference can give you inspiration, motivation and practical tools to help you get strategic and intentional about your next career moves.


Two tickets will be given away. One entry per person. Winners will be notified on Sept. 23.


What is UX Hustle Summit?

UX Hustle Summit was created to help UX designers leverage this incredible career path, building a life they love. A big part of that is finding your unique voice, style, point of view and support system.

Hustling is not about working harder. It’s about working smarter. It’s about honing in on your strengths and building confidence to take calculated risks. And UX Hustle Summit is dedicated to helping you do just that. Synergis’ own UX experts and recruiters, Danielle Claiborne and Rebecca Schoonover, will be in attendance to network with you as well!

This year (2020) you can join UX Hustle Summit virtually from your home (and pajamas). We understand that you’re on a lot of online meetings and virtual happy hours, so this year we’re breaking things up a little so you can rest your eyes from all that blue light! This year, we’ll be a TWO-(HALF) DAY VIRTUAL SUMMIT! Get your tickets for September 25 & 26!


When is the UX Hustle Summit?

The Summit will be held online on Sept. 25-26, 2020. Check out the full schedule for more details on who is speaking and when.


The 2020 Theme: Navigating Increasing Complexity

How do you handle complexity when it comes up in a project?

This year, at UX Hustle Summit, we’ll be talking about different techniques for tackling projects, clients, communication, and your CAREER.

When you step into work (physically or virtually), Monday morning, you’ll have the skills, resources, and connections to go from paralyzed to a complexity master!

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