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“When we think about who we are and the intentions we have for our clients, we really sit at the intersection of user experience, customer experience, and employee experience, which, when you sum it all up, it creates what we call your total experience workforce solutions partner.” -Jon Barbato


In the latest episode of ClearlyRated’s Survey Says podcast, Synergis’ Vice President, West, Jon Barbato joins the conversation to share about how we create a total experience. To be a total experience solutions partner requires many teams and hard work within a company. And that comes from all levels of an organization. From our Founder and President, Doug Ross, to our clients, every piece is required to obtain success. Tune in to learn more about our white glove service. 






Bridget Harper:

Hi everyone, it’s your host, Bridget Harper, VP of Customer Success here at ClearlyRated. Ryan is off today, so you’re stuck with me. Lucky you. Thankfully though, I was able to convince Jon Barbato from Synergis to join me. Jon is the VP of the West region for Synergis, leading all of the strategic management and experience for his clients and a client base of all sizes. We’ve really got ourselves a seasoned professional, that we’re going to be able to gain a lot of insight from. So thank you, Jon, for not leaving me high and dry here.


Jon Barbato:

For sure.


Bridget Harper:

You’re like, “I had no choice. Bridget forced me to go on this.” And now, you’re stuck. But I always like to kick this off with, because it’s Thirsty Thursday. So Jon, what is your favorite beverage at the moment?


Jon Barbato:

Yeah, so I’m a big… And thanks for having me. I’m really excited to be here, so I appreciate it. I’m a beer drinker, and I’m a big IPA guy. So there’s two breweries that are near and dear to my heart up in Northern California, close to where I live. One is HenHouse Brewery, and then, one is Russian River Brewery. They have a beer called Pliny the Elder, and then, they have a limited release Pliny the Younger, which are some of my favorite beers of all time. So if you can get your hands on those, highly recommended.


Bridget Harper:

It’s always great while you’re watching March Madness. I don’t know, are you big into basketball? Do you watch…?


Jon Barbato:

Yeah, if you took a look at my bracket….


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