Synergis Partners with client to build UX Team

When you’re a brand-new hiring manager, the task of building out a team from scratch is overwhelming. But that’s why staffing companies, like Synergis, exist. This client’s story is one case out of many that demonstrates how partnering with a staffing firm can accelerate your team’s growth.

Build relationships, build teams

We began working with this Atlanta-based company in 2010 to provide staffing support for their creative and digital marketing positions. Their large creative teams support 2,000+ retail stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, 10 Canadian provinces and Mexico. And they have hiring needs to match.

A few years later, the company hired a new Director of User Experience (UX) – who happened to be a former client of ours. This Director was tasked with building the company’s first Enterprise UX team, estimating a need for 100 to 150 UX contractors staffed within 24 months. It was quite a lofty goal.

A Hiring Manager in this situation has only three options:

  1. Recruit and hire people himself through traditional job boards and ads
  2. Lean on his internal recruiting team, which may not be well versed in niche UX talent
  3. Leverage a staffing company to search for and hire the best UX talent available

Because of our existing relationship with this Director, he immediately thought of Synergis to help him, and Synergis was up to the task.

Staffing companies have the right stuff

As a staffing agency, we specialize in creative roles, including engaging and screening. So, when given a challenge like hiring for exponential growth, we’re able to provide fast, effective, and tailored solutions to fill positions.

Through Synergis, the Director not only hired top talent in Atlanta but also snatched up non-local candidates we attracted through our established network. We tapped into UX talent prepared to relocate to Atlanta from across the nation.

Finding professionals willing to relocate for a job can be difficult. But our recruiters drew in designers by highlighting the client’s opportunity coupled with the appeal of the UX market in Atlanta. Ranked the 7th best-paying city for UX Designers, Atlanta has one of the most robust markets in the country for UX positions.

Results that speak for themselves

In the end, we successfully staffed 70+ UX contractors within the client’s approved budget and timeframe. There were even 14 people who relocated to Atlanta for the opportunity to work with this team.

We also:

  • Hired a Synergis Director of UX Delivery. This person was brought on to support the team by forecasting and scoping product work, training and developing Synergis consultants, conducting performance reviews and providing onboarding tool kits for a seamless deployment to specific teams.
  • Converted two lead-level contractors into full-time UX Managers, each tasked with managing teams of 35+ UX professionals.
  • Dedicated a team of skill-set-focused recruiters to support all of this client’s UX position needs.
  • Was selected as one of two primary suppliers for all Enterprise UX recruiting for the client.

If you’re looking for qualified talent, don’t be afraid to lean on a staffing company for help. Find out how Synergis can assist you with your recruiting efforts. Request your consultation today!


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