The challenge (and potential solution) to attract top talent

Good businesses depend on good people. Leaders across all business sectors know the importance of hiring top talent; but as the world continues to change, so do the requirements for companies to attract this talent. These changes are especially notable in the technology field. So, what matters most in the current market?

In search of this answer, I attended the Atlanta Technology Professionals CTO Roundtable March Event. The highlight of the event was a panel of four local CTO leaders. Blake Brannon of OneTrust, Scott Mitchell of SalesLoft, Eric Muntz of MailChimp and Matt Feury of Flock Safety.

This panel of technology professionals covered the challenges of hiring elite employees. And yes, even multi-billion-dollar companies can struggle with this. Let’s dive in.

Unicorn status

Recently, all four leaders reached “Unicorn Status,” a prestigious label awarded to those whose company crossed billions in value. The road differed for each panel member, but what they all had in common was an attractive product and company environment.

Company culture is a high priority in today’s market. Employees want work environments that offer flexibility, accessible leadership, and work-life balance. These panel leaders all emphasize setting up good bones around the culture to attract the best of the best. Meeting the needs of their employees around culture has led to their success in hiring top talent and helps them stay current as the market changes.

The mass exodus in today’s market, coined “The Great Resignation,” creates a challenge to find and keep quality employees. We must acknowledge that change is the only constant in this business. To stay ahead, businesses must adapt. These four leaders understood that the expectations and needs of employees should be one of the main drivers for this change.

Stay ahead of the curve

When businesses reach the ranks of technological mega giants like Apple or Microsoft, it’s natural to believe you’re the best of the best. And you may be but it’s best to avoid this mindset. This is something these technology leaders are working to avoid. But how?

It starts with recognition. These leaders recognize they are one of many companies in a highly competitive market. Today, Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing tech markets in the world, joining the ranks of Austin, Silicon Valley and even Berlin. And with an influx of talented technology professionals available for work, these leaders actively adjust their business to fit the needs of prospective talent.

But they are not alone here in the East. This growth also catches the eye of other markets too, including the technology giants of the West Coast. With competition, you can’t afford to get comfortable with your company. You must stay ahead of the curve and continue to make your company as attractive as possible to the candidate pool.

Candidates want to know what your business can supply them beyond prestige and a paycheck, so stay ahead of the curve and adjust as necessary. While staying competitive for new hires is crucial, leaders must also emphasize keeping the quality employees on their rosters.

Retention matters

As work environments change, generational gaps in the workplace have become wider. Integrating teams of loyal veterans and new talent can present a challenge. How should companies be managing the integration of convention and new expectations?

The key is flexibility and an open ear. People have unique needs that vary based on a multitude of factors such as age, sex, race, work experience, life stressors and familial obligations. Each of these needs must be met in a specific way. Employee retention requires more than just compensation; it’s about the environment leaders are creating. Leaders must be willing to listen to their employees.

As society evolves, so does the workforce. From inclusive spaces to remote work and beyond, there are a variety of needs people have. The workplace is no longer one size fits all. It’s clear that top talent is much harder to find, so what’s the answer?

Here’s the solution

Be flexible where it counts. Companies should only remain fixed in their values, principles and visions. Employees’ needs are changing, and companies must adapt to those expectations. Leaders must be willing to create the kind of culture that attracts their ideal talent. Companies must also remember to check their superiority at the door. This market doesn’t allow you to rest on your laurels. If you’re resistant to change, you won’t thrive.

If hiring premier talent has proven difficult, staffing agencies are an excellent choice for connecting you to your ideal candidate. Whether you need local talent, or you’re structured better for remote work, Synergis can help. To discuss how we can support your staffing needs, please reach out to me via email at: or connect with me on LinkedIn!

About the author

As an Account Executive at Synergis, Hunter Smith helps clients add great people to their company. Before Synergis, Hunter was a UAV (drone) Director for a construction documentation company. Any new construction done in Atlanta over the last 5 years, Hunter documented with a drone. Hunter has a unique ability to build relationships with people, which has served him well in his role at Synergis. In his free time, Hunter enjoys spending time with his wife, Hillary, and his beagle, Fern. Hunter also enjoys BBQing, golfing and spending time with friends.

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