Updating your resume to get that dream job

As a new year gets underway, many begin to think about finding that dream job or moving on to something new. The first step would be to update your resume. Our resume experts share some of their best tips for updating a resume:


Keep it focused on the most recent and relevant information

Be sure you have your main tasks and responsibilities listed from your most recent work experience. Your experience 20 years ago is not as relevant to the position you’re applying for today.


Have a Focused Summary

Your Summary (if you include one; it’s not necessary) needs to be focused and needs to tell the reader about your expertise that’s relevant to the job. This should be kept to a maximum of two sentences.

Do not include pictures or personal info

You do not need to include personal information such as your marital status or where you’re from. You also don’t need to include a mailing address, though it can be helpful to include your location, such as Atlanta, GA. If the hiring manager wants to see a photo, they can look you up on LinkedIn. (See our tips on a LinkedIn Photo here)

Use a good balance of white space

Make sure the resume is easily digestible. Do not overload the resume with paragraphs of content.

Include a skills/tools section if those are important to your industry

Make it easy for the hiring manager to see your skills, especially if it is in the IT or Creative industries. This can help the Hiring Manager not miss you in the stack of resumes that he or she may likely get.

Prioritize information

Prioritize information on your resume based on what’s important in the job (i.e. if analytical skills are critical, highlight those bullets towards the top of your job section).

Style your resume appropriate to your industry

If you’re a designer, create a designed resume to speak to your skills. If you are in a more conservative industry or role, have a more conservative resume.


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