What’s trending in recruitment?

In the wonderful world of recruiting, things are constantly changing. Sometimes it’s new and exciting technology, and other times it’s process-related. No matter what the evolution of recruitment is, you need to stay on top of what’s trending in recruitment.

Here’s a list of the most recent trends in recruiting to keep on your radar.

1. Voice assistants

Typically reserved for things like asking Siri where the nearest pizza place is, voice assistants have expanded to recruiting tasks. HR professionals, job seekers and employees can lean on these personal assistants for managing their calendar of interviews, applying for a job with Alexas’s help or tracking time worked through an app. Keep an eye out for how these assistants can help you become more productive or simply take some menial tasks off your plate.

2. Generation Z in the workplace

Gen Z, typically ages seven to 22, are coming into the workforce when unemployment is at an all-time low and employers have upped their benefit and perk offerings. As a result, they hold their employer to a higher standard. This has led many Gen Zers to get the reputation for ghosting employers when something better comes along. They are also heavily concerned with job security and are more interested in working for companies that offer mentoring and growth opportunities than high-paying salaries. If Gen Z is your target candidate, make sure you’re taking these needs and wants into account.

3. Senior care benefits

According to builtin.com, more than one in six employees also support elderly loved-ones outside of their normal job. And as life expectancy grows, so will the need for additional senior care benefits for your employees. Many people can’t afford the steep cost of a caregiver, so they end up taking it on themselves. This results in lower productivity, increased absenteeism and burnout. As an employer, you can help by offering the benefits that help these kinds of situations.

4. Company culture introverted or extroverted?

In workplaces geared toward one type of work style – introverted or extroverted – employees with opposite personality traits may become stressed, disengaged and burnt out. But recognizing the culture and its many personalities can help. Making sure your culture is conducive for both is key to maintaining a healthy work environment for all employees. For example, provide a spectrum of environments, communication styles and meeting types.

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Source: https://builtin.com/recruiting/recruiting-trends#october

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