Which marketing skills do you need?

Companies looking for marketing talent are starving for skilled professionals – in specific areas. And attaining these skills is a great way for you to differentiate yourself from the job pool.


Determining whether learning one of these new skills is worth it depends on several factors. Below is a list of the most important considerations – and the most in-demand marketing skills right now.


Which ones do you really NEED?

There are many marketing functions out there. The number one way to evaluate which skills you need is to outline your current job duties and what future skills you think you will need in your career. Here is a list of the most common skills companies are asking for in a candidate:


  • Google Adwords – A number of businesses are able to drastically expand their reach and generate high revenue and brand awareness through Google Adwords. To do it well, you need to be able to think scientifically and strategically, and effectively create, optimize and report on campaigns using both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Google offers several training options through Google Academy for Ads.
  • Marketing automation tools – Technology continues to change the way marketers operate on a day-to-day basis. In fact, 55 percent of B2B companies use marketing automation as part of their strategy, according to Modern Marketing Today. Marketing professionals will often learn these tools along the way, but you can stand out from the crowd if you already know a platform (or platforms). There are several different ones, so don’t try to learn them all. Get started with these free online courses.
  • CRM Skills – Businesses are also looking for experts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which serves as an essential tool for virtually any company. CRM software helps bridge the gap between sales, marketing and customer service. Popular CRM software includes Salesforce and Oracle. LinkedIn has a bunch of courses, but after a 30-day free trial, you’re going to have to pay for them.
  • Basic spreadsheet skills – Marketers will need to use spreadsheets in modeling, planning and studying trends. For instance: tracking social media marketing week-over-week, blog post traffic tracking, CTA audits, SEO keyword planning and more. All in the name of data analytics of your customer’s behavior. Here are 11 places to learn Excel for free.

How much will it benefit you and your career?

Before jumping into training courses, do a little research. Scan marketing-related forums, articles and organizations to discover any discussions about these skills and how to obtain them. Often, other people have the same questions and concerns you do. If possible, ask about the time commitment involved, and get their opinion on the perceived benefits.


Can you earn more from it?

While a salary bump is always a great benefit, the main goal should be about increasing your skill set. Hiring managers don’t just look for skills listed on a resume. They look for individuals who have the skills and can put them into practice.

Focus your efforts on completing training programs that will directly benefit you and grow your skills as opposed to simply putting them on your resume. Looking for a marketing position? Search our open jobs to find a great fit for you!



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