7 ways to diversify your hiring


I have recently been working on a lot of roles for recruiters who have a focus on diversity and inclusion. And it’s really taught me a lot about diverse hiring processes along the way. So, I wanted to share my learnings with our Synergis community. Read more

Virtual Reality Training

The “next normal” for the way we learn

Virtual Reality Training

Lately, I’ve heard people throwing around the term the “next normal” and what it means for different industries. But, in essence, it’s what the future holds for all of us based on how the pandemic changed the way we do things. Even simple tasks like ordering food, buying groceries and talking to friends and family have been up-ended.

So, I wanted to explore what the “next normal” is for Learning & Development (L&D). Because, like most of our lives, it will never be done the same way again. Here are the main trends that I’m seeing in the L&D space. Read more


Job hunting tips from someone who just did it…and is now a recruiter

happy graduate

I graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2020. And finding a job during a pandemic was tough. But, now working as a recruiter, I’ve been able to pick up some helpful job hunting tips along the way. Here are some things that I wish I had been told when I was first looking for a job. Read more