Career Fair

Giving back: the value of campus recruiting

Career fair

Discovering the right candidates for your business can be a challenge. It involves finding the necessary skill sets, character, attitude and future potential. So, what is the best way to source talent? There are many, but to me, a majority involves the university campus and giving back by sharing your experience with the next generation of the workforce. Read more

Retaining happy employees

7 tried-and-true ways to retain employees

Retaining happy employees

Every company, regardless of its product or service, needs engaged employees. Despite the impact of Covid-19, some companies have managed to retain their staff. But this is not the majority. Employees are more likely now to take a chance and leave their current jobs for something new as part of the “Great Resignation.” Read more

Consultant of the Year

Synergis honors 2021 Consultants of the Year


Consultants of the Year

As part of its National Staffing Employee Week celebration, Synergis IT + Creative chose an East and West coast Consultant of the Year. Congratulations to Jennifer and Jerome! They were chosen for their hard work, dedication and extraordinary work as a Synergis consultant. Read more

Work from home parent

Why is it still so hard to fill jobs?

Work from home parent_circle

As a career human resources professional, I’ve never witnessed anything like what’s happening in today’s job market. Almost a million jobs were added in July. But the labor force participation rate – a measure of the share of working-age Americans who are employed or looking for work – stayed pretty much the same. That’s unheard of. Read more