How to pick a workforce solutions partner

Did you know? There are about 25,000 staffing/workforce solution companies in the United States. That’s a bit overwhelming when you’re looking to choose one to work with for your talent acquisition needs.


Personally, I think you should work with Synergis, but I’m a bit biased. 😊 In all seriousness, there are specific areas to consider before you make your decision.



Reach out to your professional network to see who they use to find talent. Trusted peers can often give you the best advice. But sometimes, what’s right for their business isn’t right for yours. So, you should still ask for the company’s references. Speaking to their clients will help you gain an unbiased view of your potential vendor. And remember, not all firms are created equal. Do your research because, like any business relationship, they need to be worth the investment.


Success in certain skill sets

Just because a company is, say, an IT staffing firm doesn’t mean they have experience or success in the role you need filled. For example, some providers may place a lot of software developers, but if you need a data security specialist, you should partner with a firm with experience placing data security roles. Investigate niches and areas of success before hiring a vendor.


And it’s worth a look at how many skill sets each recruiter is responsible for. If it’s more than a few, or if they recruit based on the “flavor of the week,” you may want to find another vendor with more skills-focused recruiters. Be wary of a company that is willing to work any role, no matter what it is. If it’s not in their wheelhouse, a respectable company will tell you that.



Consider how long a company has been in business. Are they a fly-by-night company or have they been in business for nearly 25 years (like Synergis)? You probably won’t be able to obtain financial statements, unless they are publicly traded. But you could ask your contact if they are self-sustaining. Also, if they are involved in any outstanding legal battles, you should find another, more reputable company.



How a workforce solutions company works with clients is important. Have your contact walk you through the entire hiring process so expectations are set upfront and you can avoid any surprises. And make sure they understand what you’re looking for, what your pain points are and that everyone involved – hiring manager, account executive and assigned recruiter – are on the same page about your role. Some other things to consider:

  • How do they find candidates?
  • How do they screen candidates?
  • Will each candidate know your company name upon submittal?
  • How many back-outs do they typically have with interviews? Hires?
  • What percent of their hires come from sub-vendors?
  • What is the typical turnaround time?


Customer service

If issues arise, who are you supposed to contact? Having open lines of communication with your vendor is important and can make a difference in your experience with them. Make sure your expectations are clear ahead of time and that you know the process to get any issues or questions resolved in a timely manner.


Some firms, like Synergis, employ Consultant Advocates to proactively check in with consultants on assignment to prevent any issues from arising. But they will also assist with those issues when they do arise.


And once you start working with a vendor, continue building that relationship. If they aren’t constantly trying to be better for you as the client, walk away and find one that does. You deserve a partner who isn’t just trying to fill roles to fill roles but gets the right butt in the right seat. And hold them accountable to get it right the first time.


About the author

Brent Scopinich serves as an Account Executive out of the Synergis office in San Francisco. In this role, he is tasked with identifying new business opportunities by proactively communicating with hiring managers regarding their talent needs and preferences. He has 18+ years of experience as a results-driven problem-solver who builds strong relationships with his clients. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, traveling, jogging and watching Manchester United play.

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