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Are you currently looking for your next career move? What’s the best first step after you update and polish your resume and portfolio? Many look to recruiting firms since the thought of being one of the hundreds applying to a job can be overwhelming and discouraging. A recruiting firm has connections that will help you get connected with a manager who may never see an online application.


How does the whole process work? Here’s a quick guide on how to successfully partner with a Recruiter.


  1. Contact is made.

The Recruiter reaches out to the candidate, or the candidate responds to a job posting, contacts the Recruiter via email, or a message on LinkedIn.


  1. Recruiter assesses candidate

A Recruiter assesses the resume and/or LinkedIn profile (and portfolio if applicable). If it looks like it’s a good match, the Recruiter will schedule the initial phone interview.


  1. Initial phone interview

The candidate will have an initial screening with the Recruiter to assess skill fit, cultural fit and alignment with career goals.


  1. Submission to Hiring Manager

If the Recruiter and the candidate determine there is a good match after the interview, the Recruiter will present the candidate with a Right to Represent their client, work on any recommended resume or portfolio updates, and present the candidate’s qualifications to the end client.


  1. Interview with Hiring Manager scheduled

When the end client sees the qualifications match their need, an interview will be coordinated through the Recruiter.


  1. Prep for interview with Hiring Manager/ interview with Hiring Manager

Before the interview, the Recruiter will reach out to the candidate to help them prepare for the interview. This will include things the candidate might need to highlight, directions to the office or dressing for success if the interview is to take place on-site.


  1. Feedback provided

Once the interview is complete, the Recruiter will reach out to the candidate and the Hiring Manager to receive feedback, and to give an update on the next steps.


  1. Decision made or follow-up interview

If the Hiring Manager is still interested in the candidate, the Recruiter will reach out to the candidate and coordinate a follow-up interview if requested. The Recruiter will prep the candidate a second time for this round with some final instructions on what to highlight here.


  1. Offer

After the interview, if the Hiring Manager wants to move forward in hiring the candidate, the job offer will be extended through the Recruiter, and the Recruiter will present the offer to the candidate.


  1. Orientation and starting the new job

Upon acceptance of an offer, the Recruiter will send over the new hire paperwork, and the Consultant Advocate for the closest branch will reach out to schedule an on-site orientation, and a start date for the new job.


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