Diversity & Inclusion: why it matters


The workforce is changing every day, and with that change comes the need for awareness. This awareness is about people, who they are, and what their stories tell. So why does that matter in the workplace?

At the AITP Atlanta November Chapter meeting, the topic of diversity & inclusion was covered. Featuring Eric Schrock, an Atlanta-based CTO who is passionate about DE&I, he tackled some of the most common problems in today’s workplace and offered a variety of solutions. Here are the highlights from that conversation. Read more

7 ways to diversify your hiring


I have recently been working on a lot of roles for recruiters who have a focus on diversity and inclusion. And it’s really taught me a lot about diverse hiring processes along the way. So, I wanted to share my learnings with our Synergis community. Read more

Diversity & inclusion: having a seat at the table


A seat at the table. That’s what we all want. Ever since grade school we’ve wanted to feel like we belong and know that we have a voice. When I first started Synergis I knew I wanted to be different than other companies. I wanted my company to be one that puts people first. Read more