The cloud: breaking down the enigma


Businesses are transitioning to “the cloud” more and more every day to realize the many benefits. By using cloud computing, users and companies don’t have to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own machines, making operations more cost effective and efficient. But what is the cloud? Find out with our infographic, The cloud: breaking down the enigma.

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Trends in project management

project management

Project management is increasing in importance as companies recognize the risk of not using project management teams to bring their projects to fruition. Especially when those projects have multi-million dollar budgets. Learn more about the importance of this ever-growing field with our Trends in project management infographic.

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How to title your User Experience roles

UX team

One of the hardest parts of hiring for User Experience (UX) roles is actually figuring out what to call the person you’re hiring. That way, you get the right skills for the work you need performed. Find out how to title your User Experience roles through our infographic.

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instructional design

7 must-have skills in an Instructional Designer

instructional design

An Instructional Designer (ID) is paramount to the learning and training process of an organization and often serve at the intersection of teaching and design. This role is typically tasked with redesigning courses, developing new courses or curriculums from scratch, and creating training materials such as manuals, user guides and learning modules. Read more