Steve Wright

Our chat with Sr. Account Executive, Steven Wright

Steve Wright

Let’s get to know the professionals at Synergis that help match job opportunities with top talent. This month, we sat down with Steven Wright, Sr. Account Executive who works from our office in Atlanta on all things IT. Read more

Data security

A brief history of data security and privacy

data securitySecurity and privacy are two things that we all value in every aspect of our lives, especially in our data and infrastructure. Data security and privacy aren’t new concepts. And the base of these concepts dates back to the 4th Amendment. Learn about the past and present of data security and privacy while preparing for the future in through this infographic.

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Answers to PMO questions from a real-world hiring manager


Working in, or leading, a project management office (PMO) is different than strictly being a project manager (PM). A PMO team can face enterprise-level risk, change and issues management, process management, business issues and more. For project managers, it can also provide an environment to develop leadership skills. Read more


The value of gratitude in the midst of a pandemic

gratitudeLiving through the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s stress-levels, anxiety, depression and fear. Gratitude is a great aid to reducing these feelings. Read more