How to win at the interview game

Football catch

I like football. And even though I grew up listening to my Dad give his commentary on whatever game was playing on any given late Sunday afternoon when I was growing up, there’s still a lot about the game that I don’t understand.

The one game I always know a lot about is the Super Bowl. Before the big game, I review the starting line-ups of both teams, look at their records and prepare a mental list of random facts about the QB. Why? Well, it’s a forgone conclusion that I will almost always attend or host a Super Bowl gathering (sans 2020) and it’s fun to talk trash with people who really love football! Read more

Mikayla Weiner

Let’s meet Recruiting Manager, Mikayla Weiner


Mikayla Weiner

We want you to get to know the members of Team Synergis who help put people to work. So this month, we sat down with Mikayla Weiner, who works from our office in San Francisco as a Recruiting Manager. Read more

How relationship-based recruiting impacts candidates


The IT recruiting industry has changed significantly over my 20 years in the business. But building and maintaining relationships with my candidates and consultants remains the most important aspect of my role as a recruiter. Read more