Retiring the one-page resume

Retiring one page resume_circle


by Haley Martin, Creative Recruiter & Hembree Monk, Technical Recruiter

When it comes to the perfect resume template, there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” And with a multitude of industries and available roles in the job market, resumes tend to look vastly different from person to person. Historically, job hunters have been taught that the golden rule in resume building is the “one-page” rule. We beg to differ. Read more

Diversity & Inclusion: why it matters


The workforce is changing every day, and with that change comes the need for awareness. This awareness is about people, who they are, and what their stories tell. So why does that matter in the workplace?

At the AITP Atlanta November Chapter meeting, the topic of diversity & inclusion was covered. Featuring Eric Schrock, an Atlanta-based CTO who is passionate about DE&I, he tackled some of the most common problems in today’s workplace and offered a variety of solutions. Here are the highlights from that conversation. Read more