How to overcome the need-experience-to-get-experience loop

How to overcome the need-experience-to-get-experience loop

New grad

As many students are graduating from college and looking for jobs, they are more than likely in the situation of not having enough experience. But how do you get experience if no one gives you a chance? Read more

coping with job loss

How to cope after losing your job due to COVID-19

coping with job loss

I’ll be the first to admit it: my new years’ resolutions did not include “shelter in place” – you know, no more than a shameless homebody would resolve to stay home anyway. I’m lucky though. The President of Synergis IT and Creative has committed to maintaining and supporting our internal staff and those who work for Synergis, so unlike thousands of others worried about their jobs and incomes across the nation, I can rest easy at night knowing my work is waiting downstairs for me in the morning. Read more

My creative consultant tale — Part 1

My creative consultant tale: part 1


This is a two-part series, written by a guest blogger — one of our current consultants. Check back next week for part two.

As I reflect on my past four years with Synergis and all the years I’ve worked in the design and development industry, I realize that I’ve transitioned, grown and gained a bit of wisdom that’s worth sharing. Over the years, I’ve collected a number of notable lessons that have shaped my perspective as a contractor and creative professional. Some were enjoyable, some not so much, but all were constructive. All these experiences are meaningful in their own way and brought me to where I am today. Read more

7 questions to ask yourself before relocating for a job

If you’re looking for a job in the tech or creative space, relocating may be in your future.

Now, I’m no psychic, but as a recruiter, I do know some talent is harder to find than others, which has led many companies to look outside of their market to find the right person for the job. A great example would be the high demand of our User Experience (UX) roles in Atlanta which has led us to broaden our scope to match our clients with the best candidates! Read more

Relocating for a job

Relocating to Atlanta for a job

Looking to relocate to Atlanta for a job? Before you decide, check out this infographic on all the details about living, working and playing in Atlanta. And if you’re a UXer, this infographic has specific information on the creative job market in Atlanta.