e-learning challenges

Solutions for your virtual & e-learning challenges

e-learning challenges

With kids going back to school (mostly virtually) and adults still working from home, we need to continue tweaking training and learning for an online or e-learning setting. Many people felt the pain of starting this transition from in-classroom to online in the spring. But there are still plenty of lessons to be learned to make it better. Read more

Tim Pape

Conversation with Market Manager, Tim Pape

Tim Pape

Let’s get to know the professionals at Synergis that help match job opportunities with top talent. This month, we sat down with Tim Pape, Market Manager, who works from San Francisco. Read more

indispensable employee

9 ways to make yourself an indispensable employee

Indispensible employee

I began playing volleyball in fifth grade and then on a travel/club team from 8th to 12th grade. And besides being fun and something I loved to do, it taught me lessons on what it’s like to be an invaluable member of a team. Read more

Back to School

7 supplies to put on your virtual back-to-school list

back to school

Many kids are getting ready to go back to school, but in a virtual or remote learning setting instead of in-person. That puts added pressure on the parents working from home who are also trying to be part-time teachers. And probably has made the school supply needs a bit different this year.

Perhaps, having some of these supplies, geared toward learning remotely, will come in handy and lessen the stress for everyone. Read more