workplace learning

The lowdown on workplace learning

workplace learning

Learning and development programs are crucial to the success of your employees. Here are some stats from a LinkedIn Learning survey to further elevate the “always be learning” mindset in your organization.

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Virtual Reality Training

The “next normal” for the way we learn

Virtual Reality Training

Lately, I’ve heard people throwing around the term the “next normal” and what it means for different industries. But, in essence, it’s what the future holds for all of us based on how the pandemic changed the way we do things. Even simple tasks like ordering food, buying groceries and talking to friends and family have been up-ended.

So, I wanted to explore what the “next normal” is for Learning & Development (L&D). Because, like most of our lives, it will never be done the same way again. Here are the main trends that I’m seeing in the L&D space. Read more

Present yourself professionally

How do L&D specialists constantly present themselves for new opportunities?

In case you missed it! The L&D Cares summit session below was presented by Synergis’ own, Tim Pape and Mikayla Weiner, during the event on Feb. 9, 2021. Learn how to continually present yourself for new job opportunities, from a recruitment point of view.


Synergis experts to speak at L&D Cares Career Growth Summit 2.0

L&D Cares

Learning & Development experts from Synergis will be speaking at the upcoming L&D Cares Career Growth Summit 2.0, which will be held virtually from Feb. 9-12, 2021. This is the second L&D Cares event that Synergis has been proud to support. The inaugural event – the first Career Growth Summit – was held back in September 2020. Read more

Must-haves in your next L&D professional


Most organizations can benefit from a strong Learning and Development (L&D) team, which usually consists of Instructional Designers, Training Project Managers, Learning Management System Specialists and more. To help find the right L&D professionals for your team, here are seven things that should be on your radar during the hiring process.

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