How to get your resume noticed in 6 seconds or less

How long would you guess it takes for a recruiter to review your resume and decide if it’s a fit?

5….6 minutes?

Try 6 seconds, according to a research study by Read more

9 tips to write a brag-worthy resume

9 tips to write a brag-worthy resume

Summarizing your skills, education and job history and fitting it onto one or two pages isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t know a hiring manager’s preferences or what is most relevant to a position. We’ve got a good idea of what companies look for. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your resume makes you shine.

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8 phrases/words to avoid in your resume

So, you’re ready to start your job search. First order of business is to get your resume updated. While resume trends come and go, here are 8 phrases and/or words that should never be used on your resume. Read more

Updating your resume to get that dream job

As a new year gets under way, many begin to think about finding that dream job, or moving onto something new. The first step would be to update your resume. Our resume experts share some of their best tips for updating a resume: Read more