Updating your resume to get that dream job

As a new year gets under way, many begin to think about finding that dream job, or moving onto something new. The first step would be to update your resume. Our resume experts share some of their best tips for updating a resume: Read more

Dressing for the interview

You’ve finally gotten the call for an in-person interview. Regardless of your gender, you may first ask yourself “what am I going to wear?” You may not realize it, but you are communicating a lot through your appearance. Studies suggest that “as much as 65% of the social, or relational, meaning in messages is based on nonverbal communication” (Beebe, Beebe, Redmond, 2014). What you wear to an interview can play a large role in how successful it is. Read more

Assessing good qualifiers of talent in the hiring process

You’ve gotten a stack of resumes for your job opening, but aren’t sure what to do with them? How do you find the best people in the stack to interview? Once you interview them, what’s the best way to narrow down? Will you hire the right person? Read more

Learn the steps of recruitment

Are you currently looking for your next career move? What’s the best first step after you update and polish your resume and portfolio? Many look to recruiting firms since the thought of being one of hundreds applying to a job can be overwhelming and discouraging. A recruiting firm has connections that will help you get connected with a manager who may never see an online application. Read more