Designing a job description: moving beyond purple squirrels

Writing job description

Imagine a world where purple squirrels come to you. Wouldn’t it be nice if your dream team member found you instead of you having to search high and low for them?

As a recruiter, I have a unique viewpoint when it comes to crafting a job post. I work with candidates every day, so I have the inside scoop into what candidates are looking for during their job hunt. Read more


Write job descriptions that attract purple squirrels


Imagine a world where purple squirrels find you. That’s what this job aid is designed to help you do. Instead of posting a run-of-the-mill job description online and hoping for the best, use this job aid to create the perfect listing that attracts only the best talent. This info sheet outlines the 5 sections to make sure to include.

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5 steps to craft an engaging job description

5 steps to craft an engaging job description

With demand for talented professionals far outweighing the available supply, the best candidates have their pick of jobs. To gain an edge in this competitive market, start with a job description that intrigues candidates enough to take action. Follow these tips for creating job descriptions and you’ll be on your way to attracting top talent.

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