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Top 10 social posts of 2019

As we begin a new year, let’s take a look back at our most popular social posts of 2019. Drum roll please…

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How to clinch the job, post interview

You’ve just finished your job interview. And now you feel like you can breathe a sigh of relief. But, then you realize a big part of the interview process is the follow-up. Read more

Multiple job offers? 3 steps to accepting the right one

Having multiple job offers is a good problem to have. But, this great feeling of being “in demand” can turn overwhelming quickly. Use the 3 steps below to simplify your choice and ensure confidence in your decision. Read more

5 tips to ace your video interview

Video interview technology continues to progress. So, it only makes sense that the interview process keeps up. More and more organizations are beginning to utilize video conferencing tools to conduct interviews.

This shift from traditional face-to-face interviews alleviates many worries for job seekers, such as traffic, flat tires or getting lost trying to find the company’s building. Using video conferencing also benefits organizations because it enables them to cut costs that may occur from paying for transportation and lodging for out-of-town candidates. Read more

5 steps to nail your technical interview

5 steps to nail your technical interview

An interview for a technical job can be much more complex than other job interviews. Do you know the structure and questions that might come your way in a highly specialized, technical interview? It’s important that you are skilled and knowledgeable about your specific field, while also encompassing the behavioral attributes required for any job. Follow these steps and you’ll be better prepared to wow your interviewers!