coping with job loss

How to cope after losing your job due to COVID-19

coping with job loss

I’ll be the first to admit it: my new years’ resolutions did not include “shelter in place” – you know, no more than a shameless homebody would resolve to stay home anyway. I’m lucky though. The President of Synergis IT and Creative has committed to maintaining and supporting our internal staff and those who work for Synergis, so unlike thousands of others worried about their jobs and incomes across the nation, I can rest easy at night knowing my work is waiting downstairs for me in the morning. Read more

Rebecca Schoonover

Conversation with Creative Recruiter, Rebecca Schoonover

Rebecca Schoonover

Let’s get to know the professionals at Synergis that put people to work. This month, we sat down with Rebecca Schoonover, Creative Recruiter, who works remotely from her home in Stuart, Florida. Read more

Debunking the myths about working with a recruiter

I recently came across this article in Forbes that struck a nerve. Now, I view Forbes as a trusted news source and reference it all the time. They have great articles about job searching and the job market. But with this one about working with a recruiter, they definitely got it wrong. Read more

Conversation with Senior Account Manager, Tiffanie Dagneau

Let’s get to know the people at Synergis. This month, we sat down with Tiffanie Dagneau, Senior Account Manager, who works in our San Francisco office. Read more

My creative consultant tale — Part 2

My creative consultant tale: Part 2

Welcome back to “My creative consultant tale.” As you may recall from part 1 of this series, I was engaged in some competitive interviews for two different jobs. Both were senior user experience (UX) roles. One for an energy conglomerate and the other for a credit monitoring company. Read more